Video ads on Spotify

Welcome to the world of sound-on video ads.

On other platforms, video ads are often viewed while muted, but on Spotify, listeners are engaging with their sound on, offering a valuable opportunity for your message to be seen and heard.

Video Ads


Video Takeover

Tap into industry-leading viewability. Video Takeover ads are delivered during a listening session when the user is actively browsing through the catalogue to discover music and podcasts. The ads include a companion banner with a customizable call-to-action to help drive engagement. Remember, Video Takeover ads are delivered only when the screen is in view.

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Sponsored Sessions

Boost brand affinity with our impactful video experience. Sponsored Sessions initiate a 30-minute ad-free listening session and is delivered only when the screen is in-view in a sound-on, 100% share-of-voice environment.

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