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Brand safety

Spotify uses a combination of people, policies, and technology to support building a safe space for advertisers. This enables advertisers to deliver ads that align with their unique brand message and create an engaging experience for our listeners.

  • Our teams are continuously working to ensure Spotify remains a trusted platform for our advertisers. Our people establish partnerships, review content, and build solutions. We're also proud to have been awarded TAG Brand Safety Certification globally for our commitment in adhering to industry standard brand safety criteria, policies and procedures.
  • We leverage industry standard principles to inform our content and brand safety guidelines. We work with industry bodies like the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to create new standards in the digital audio space.
  • Our technology gives advertisers 100% share of voice during screenless moments, rather than sitting alongside other content. We also offer a range of advertiser controls so you can customize your campaign to meet your individual needs.

Our industry accreditations, content moderation, and user guidelines ensure that Spotify is a safe environment for brands.

  • We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for advertisers, creators, and listeners. Our user guidelines limit the allowance of content that would be harmful to brands.
  • Within content controls, we offer a selection of sensitive topics. Built as an added layer of control on top of the GARM brand safety floor, sensitive topics enable brands to exclude podcast content and align with industry-standard brand safety needs.
  • As GARM's very first audio partner, we’re working with the community to shape and create brand safety standards for audio.

For more information - refer to our brand safety policy and platform rules.

Let us do the work for you! Our teams analyze content on our platform and create turnkey solutions that enable you to activate against your brand safety needs.

  • Content controls are built based on podcast episode transcript data so advertisers can easily target or anti-target specific topics.
  • A subset of curated content controls tied to sensitive topics that advertisers can exclude to remove any topics that do not align with their business.

We recognize that each advertiser has a unique set of needs, and we designed our offering to help you create campaigns that fit what you need.

  • Inventory controls allow advertisers to select specific formats to manage where their ads run and the types of ads delivered.
  • Sponsored playlists and podcasts enable brands to control where their ads run and maintain complete share of voice over that piece of content for the selected time.
  • Contextual targeting capabilities enable brands to decide the genre, playlist, or podcast topic their ads deliver in to best align with their brand suitability needs.

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