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How Wellness Month sounds on Spotify

How Wellness Month sounds on Spotify. Wellness Month is a time to check in with yourself and those around you. And maybe find a little zen. So we’re delivering insights that reflect where listeners are really at, and inspiration to help everyone find their center. Here's how to be part of the moment.

Understand the moment

In a world experiencing major change, one thing is certain—we’ve all had more time to consider how we feel. And with the uncertainty of this past year in mind, listeners recognize the impact of our new normal. Our listeners’ streaming choices indicate that feelings of anxiety are trending upward, which, let’s be honest, isn’t the biggest surprise. So listeners are turning to music in these moments of need.

We hear you: collective anxiety is real

  • +20%

    Spotify has seen a ~20% increase YoY in streams of anxiety/worry-related playlists

  • +10%

    Listeners are spending ~10% more time with anxiety/worry-related playlists YoY*

Music is often used for its therapeutic qualities—and on Spotify, we see that reflected as listeners stream playlists specifically for meditation. In particular, listeners are looking for these meditative sounds on mobile, suggesting a desire among many for zen in motion.

Chill on the go

  • 70%

    “Meditation” is the most mobile category in the Wellness hub, with ~70% of listeners streaming on the move**

Take all these insights with you

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Be part of the soundtrack

Spotify is the platform to get your message heard in the right moment. Our targeting solutions let you take advantage of these insights—so you can reach your audience as they stream relevant playlists. All while tailoring your message to specific devices and contexts.

Sponsor one of Spotify’s top peace-seeking playlists.

Inspire your audience when they’re feeling zen. From peaceful piano tunes to soundtracks that inspire reflection, let your message help listeners go deeper in the moment.

*Source: Spotify First-Party Data, Q1 2020 v. Q2 2020, Keywords include ‘anxiety’, ‘worry’, ‘moody’, Global. **Source: Spotify First-Party Data, Streaming from last 28 days as of 9/29/20. Based on 1P segments: 1P Custom Yoga and Tranquility Segment. 1P Custom Soothing Sounds Segment. 1P Custom Relaxation. 1P Self Love. 1P Custom Personal Wellness. 1P Custom Meditation. 1P Custom Fresh Start. US Only.

Campaign ideas and inspiration


Bedtime Story

A wind-down routine is just as important as a wake-up routine. Let’s encourage people to chill for the night with a bedtime story personalized to their own evening habits.


Month of mindfulness

In a month-long campaign, use audio to explore one area of wellness each week. Turn ad breaks into diverse mindful moments with a CTA to explore more on Spotify’s wellness hub.


Wise words

Create mid-roll spots that incorporate wise words. Impassioned voice talent can read encouraging quotes from cultural figures whose insights have helped us keep calm and carry on.

Bring your message to Spotify listeners

Ad Studio gives you all the tools you need to easily reach your audience and get your message heard. Get started and make an ad today. Or get in touch with our team to build something custom and plan your future campaign.

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