How listeners soundtrack their year on Spotify.

Welcome to Culture Compass.

It’s the ultimate resource that helps you connect with listeners during the holidays, festivals, and seasons that drive the cultural conversation. Through our Streaming Intelligence, we’re able to break down how people listen and what these moments sound like on Spotify. So you can reach your audience, loud and clear.

Back to school

It’s all about the focus. Connect with kids and families during the return to school—no matter where they are.


Haunted playlists are where it’s at. Amp up your story with thrills and chills to reach listeners during spooky season.


Bring it all back home. ‘Tis the season to meet families where they’re at and be part of this year’s joyful traditions.

New Year

Transition and aspiration are hallmarks of a New Year filled with possibility. Reach listeners looking to hit reset, amp up their workout, and achieve new goals.

Let’s talk

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