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Measure the impact of your ads with Spotify Brand Lift

Advertisers everywhere deserve to know the impact of their investment on Spotify. That’s why we’re launching Spotify Brand Lift, a first-party measurement tool that gives businesses of all sizes a better understanding of how Spotify users are responding to their audio, video and display ads in the Spotify Free music experience.

In a move to give advertisers greater visibility into the impact of their advertising on our platform, Spotify is launching a first-party brand lift solution to make measurement accessible for advertisers, big and small, in fourteen markets across the globe. This is the first step in building a suite of measurement tools tailored to the streaming generation.

What is brand lift?

While reach and engagement metrics matter, it’s often difficult—if not impossible—to rely on those alone to understand a campaign’s impact on a brand’s reputation or perception. Brand Lift measurement is an important tool for advertisers, helping them measure the effectiveness of their music and display ads and their overall impact on brand metrics—in a scientific and transparent way. Spotify Brand Lift works by asking users to respond to on-platform polls in a lift-test framework to help advertisers understand the value of their Spotify ads, and how well they perform independent of your other marketing efforts.

How does Spotify measure brand lift?

First, advertisers and their Spotify sales team work together to identify the brand’s objectives and target audience. Pro tip: Try to group all of your campaigns that share a common factor under one study—for example, a brand, product, shop, service, or anything else you want to advertise. This common factor, or denominator, will help shape the questions and KPIs that should be attached to your campaign and study.

When your campaign launches, Spotify then randomises and splits your audience into a test or control group: a group of users that will see your ads, and a group of users that will not see your ads. These different groups are then polled with your survey up to 48 hours after exposure (or non-exposure) to an ad. The differences between the two groups can be attributed to seeing ads on Spotify, as all other factors are held constant.

At the end of a campaign, the difference in responses between the group that saw your ads and the group that didn’t will help us determine the influence your ads had on key brand metrics, such as ad recall, awareness, consideration, and more.

Get started

Get in touch with your Spotify sales team if you’d like to learn more about Spotify Brand Lift, and get started measuring your campaigns’ impact on the metrics that matter to your business. Or reach out below to get connected with a Spotify rep immediately.

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