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I feel you, and your ads

People tune in to Spotify at any given moment throughout the day to discover ways to enhance their lives. Both content experiences like Discover Weekly, and Your Daily Mix or curated playlists like ¡Viva Latino! and RapCaviar drive personalised engagement with Spotify users.

We wanted to find out if the engagement people have with the content on Spotify impacts their engagement with ads on Spotify, compared to some key competitors. We set out to answer that question by commissioning custom research from Nielsen’s Consumer Neuroscience division.

Nielsen employed EEG and biometric tests that measured nonconscious responses to stimuli — in this case, music and ads on Spotify and other platforms.

Dr. Carl Marci of Nielsen explained how we can use science to measure people’s feelings. “Consumer neuroscience tools are designed to get to that granularity, that second by second level of data,” he said. “You're getting thousands of data points every second, and you're really getting a sense of non-consciously, what's our gut reaction?”

Along with the science-y stuff, we also sat down and talked to real people in the lab. By holding focus groups after we measured people’s reactions, we were able to contextualise the data collected and get a full picture of how people were reacting to ads and why.

Spoiler alert: The Spotify environment lifted emotional engagement and purchase intent compared to competitors. We saw a notable increase in emotional engagement and purchase intent while people were listening to Spotify.

  • Spotify boosts emotional engagement with ads better than competitors (+15% audio, +14% video).
  • People are 18% more likely to report purchase intent after seeing a video ad on Spotify vs. other competitor entertainment platforms.

The emotional engagement we see on Spotify with our music, translates to ads and drives results for brands.

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