Perfecting the art of the bar cart with Diageo

Diageo wanted to inspire consumers 18+ to mix cocktails with confidence and give them the inspiration and tools to recreate their favourite mixed drinks at home.

The big idea

Music and cocktails go together like a dry martini and olives. That was the inspiration behind Diageo’s Art of the Bar Cart campaign on Spotify, which aimed to reach Gen Z and millennial listeners in Australia.

By leveraging Spotify's connection to all things audio and music, Spotify and Diageo created a custom online destination showcasing an array of Australian artists making their favourite cocktails using spirits from Diageo’s iconic portfolio. Each artist also curated a playlist tailored to their favourite mixed drink, housed on a custom Art of the Bar Cart Spotify hub.

At Spotify, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the context of our listeners, thanks to our logged-in, deeply engaged audience. People listen to Spotify across devices in their homes. So it was a natural fit for Spotify to show people 18+ how to create mixed drinks and drive awareness of Diageo—no professional bartending skills required.

So, how’d the campaign shake out?

The impact

The campaign helped Diageo max out their reach and engagement goals, attracting thousands of unique page views and millions of impressions.

  • 13.8M

    Impressions across audio, video, and display formats

  • 107K

    Unique sessions on the campaign landing page

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