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Audience Insights

Audience insights

  • Listeners and new listeners*: Compare the makeup of different audiences between people who heard the ads within the ad set (% of impressions) and those who streamed your music (% of listeners/new listeners). Looking at a specific demographic, if the percentage of listeners or new listeners is higher than the percentage of impressions, then you know that audience was particularly likely to stream your music after hearing your ads.

Here's an example: let’s say you run an ad set for €1,000 that got 100 listeners. If 48% of impressions within the ad set were to 18-24 year olds, that means €480 of your budget went to that age group. If you got 60% of your listeners from that demographic, that’s 60 listeners, or €8 per listener in this demographic. If 15% of ads were served to 35-44 year olds and only 8% of listeners came from this demographic (€150 spent and 8 listeners), then that category cost €18.75 per listener. This means 18-24 year olds are your more cost-effective audience.

  • Average streams: See which audiences had the highest number of streams per listener and streams per new listener. For example, if you know male listeners streamed on average 2x more than female listeners, you might adjust your approach to target men at a higher rate.
  • Conversion rate: See which audiences were most likely to become listeners and new listeners. The audiences with the highest conversion rates are most likely to listen to your music after hearing your ad.
  • Intent rate: Understand how audiences of different demographics took actions showing intent to stream the artist again in the future, like saving it or adding it to a playlist. The group with the highest intent rate was most likely to take these actions after hearing the ad and listening to your music.

These insights are available for age, gender, and platform breakdown. For info on reporting for music promotions in Australia, click here.

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